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Flexible gooseneck tubes for scanners are used to position and hold scanning devices such as barcode scanners, document scanners, or 3D scanners in various orienntations and angles. These tubes offer flexibility and stability, making them useful for hands-free operation and improving efficiency in scanning tasks. Here’s a guide to understanding and selecting flexible gooseneck tubes for scanners:
Features to Consider
Flexibility and Stability:
The tube should be flexible enough to be adjusted easily but sturdy enough to hold the scanner’s weight without sagging.
Choose a length that provides enough reach for your scanning needs while still being manageable.
Mounting Options:
Base: The base of the gooseneck tube should be stable and secure. Options include magnetic bases, clamps, or screw-on bases.
Scanner Mount: Ensure the mount is compatible with your specific scanner model. It could be a universal holder, a specific bracket, or a custom attachment.
Common materials include stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. Stainless steel and aluminum offer durability and strength, while plastic options may be lighter and more cost-effective.
Verify that the gooseneck tube is compatible with your scanner’s size, weight, and mounting requirements.
Types of Gooseneck Tubes for Scanners
Universal Gooseneck Stands:
These stands come with adjustable mounts that can accommodate a variety of scanner models. They are versatile and can be used in multiple settings.
Custom Gooseneck Stands:
Designed specifically for certain scanner models, these stands offer a perfect fit and often have features tailored to the scanner’s use case.
Magnetic Base Gooseneck Stands:
These stands feature a strong magnetic base, allowing for quick and easy attachment to metal surfaces. They are ideal for industrial environments.
Clamp-Based Gooseneck Stands:
Equipped with a clamp, these stands can be attached to desks, tables, or other surfaces, providing flexibility in positioning.
Popular Uses
Retail and Warehousing:
Used to hold barcode scanners for quick and easy access, allowing for efficient checkout or inventory management.
Medical and Laboratory Settings:
Holding handheld scanners for document scanning or data collection without manual handling.
3D Scanning:
Positioning 3D scanners in various orienntations to capture detailed scans of objects.
Example Products
Instand Mobile Gooseneck Stand:
Features a sturdy base and flexible neck, suitable for various handheld scanners.
FlexArm Gooseneck Holder:
Offers multiple mounting options and a durable build for industrial use.
Arkon Clamp Mount Gooseneck:
Equipped with a robust clamp, ideal for attaching to desks or workbenches.
When choosing a flexible gooseneck tube for your scanner, consider the flexibility, stability, length, material, and compatibility with your specific scanner model. These stands enhance the functionality and convenience of scanning devices, making them valuable in many professional settings.
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