Cooling Neck Fan

By Michelle | 15 April 2024 | 0 Comments
Cute appearance: Personal fan for women kids,the unique design inspiration of the portable neck fan comes from headphones. It only needs to be hung around your neck to free your hands, with cartoon animal patterns, and looks very cute.
Three speed settings: Women portable neck fan has three-speed settings, ranging from low to high wind speed, enjoying a comfortable breeze with one click operation, convenient and fast.
Durable material: Women kids portable neck fan air conditioner is made of resin, silicone, and electronic components. It is a food-grade silicone material with a good anti-slip effect. It is very lightweight and can be hung around the neck without any pressure.
Very safe: The personal neck fan adopts a bladeless design, which is quieter and safer than traditional USB fans. You don't have to worry about your hair getting stuck by the leaves of the fan.
Long-lasting endurance: Small size portable neck fan for women kids, light weight, lithium battery 1200mAh, long-lasting endurance, can blow for up to 12 hours, with USB interface, can be charged using various electronic devices.
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